Thursday, December 6, 2012

Alexa Virinenkov - Two

Yvonne Legrand

I was trapped the minute I boarded this vessel! I should have known! Alexa was a powerful man in his youth and power does not come to idiots. Though you can wipe a mind of it's memories, hopes and dreams, removing the spark of brilliance is not an easy affair. “Legrand, what do you want us to do? Should we open fire?” “You don't stand a chance now that he has you fully tackled Michel, signal the fleet, they aren't but a minute away.” “But Captain, what about you?” “I am done, the ship is your's Michel.” I transmitted through my implant as I raised my blaster to the bottom of my chin. Michel was a competent second in command, he would know what to do. Then I pulled the trigger.

Alexa Virinenkov

I removed oxygen from the room's life support mixture and just as she started to feel the effects Yvonne lifted her blaster and blew her head into dust. With that blast the only clue to my life before was obliterated, scattered across my ship in atomic form. My suit slowly began to return to it's normal state as I cursed to myself for not acting sooner, nearly forgetting to return the room's atmospheric settings to normal. I stumbled back towards my capsule as the ship informed me of scans showing more federation vessels in warp to our location. Fourteen AU and closing fast. Hostile contact in thirty seven seconds. I ordered my ship to align out to the nearest celestial as Yvonne's vessel sprung to life, unleashing a vicious salvo of blaster fire scrambling my ship's warp drive.

Thankfully he'd acted too soon, had he waited longer he might have survived long enough for his fleet to arrive. A single volley put that ship to rest among the stars as I climbed into my capsule. Immersed in fluid but not yet connected I forced the ship into warp against multiple safety warnings.

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