Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All Hail CCP 'Fixer of Bad' Fozzie

CCP Fozzie has been one of the most impressive devs CCP has had in a long time. He is doing amazing things for the game, primarily through his tiericide project. Today though, Fozzie stepped on a land mine. He nerfed triage capitals by accident, by making it so that gang links no longer effected the remote repair modules. His stated reason for it was also completely wrong.

But, like the impressive dev he is, Fozzie didn't get mad, he didn't stop talking. He went and checked his work.

Then he told us what he found, explained his reasoning behind the change in the first place, and promised to fix it as soon as possible. For this I applaud CCP Fozzie. Especially since half my corp has been working on getting into gang links and triage capitals and that change was crushing to read about.

Let us all rejoice in the awesome that is CCP 'Fixer of Bad' Fozzie.

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