Sunday, December 2, 2012

[BR] A Welp Like Never Before

All time stamps are EVE Time (GMT)
[23:45 Saturday 12/1/12] Fleet op form, Standard Doctrine, Scheduled Fleet, 10 ready, 10 fitting/jacking off.
[00:01 Sunday 12/2/12] 20 ready, hostiles the roam was scheduled to meet have not formed up. Intended targets are unable to make fights happen when they say they can. Something about having a child now.
[00:05 Sunday 12/2/12] Scouts Report: 5 man hostile BC gang one system over.
[00:05 Sunday 12/2/12] Our forces have not been spotted, but our doctrine is not setup to fight on a gate. Screw it, fleet warp anyway, some idiot brings a Machariel, at least it has a point.
[00:09 Sunday 12/2/12] Scout Report: A wormhole, C5, active capitals, critical mass limit reached.
[00:10 Sunday 12/2/12] Hostiles jump straight into us, Mach pilot calls point, fleet has no other points, hostile hurricane explodes as the rest of his gang warps off. Nothing to see here, reship to brawler doctrine, neut heavy. FC - "Fuck the mass, we're going for those capitals!".
[00:12 Sunday 12/2/12] Fleet reshipped, 4x Basi, 4x Curse, 6x Drake, 4x Cane, 1x Claymore, 1x Buzzard. Orders given to form up on the wormhole 2 jumps away. Safe space, so best speed.
[00:14 Sunday 12/2/12] Fleet has rallied on the wormhole
[00:14 Sunday 12/2/12] Scout Report: Hostiles are capital escalating, second escalation just triggered, total visible hostile count 5, believed secondarys/alts/afks 5. Chimera triage, Rorqual scooping loot, Moros blapping, Tengu, two Huginns webbing.
[00:20 Sunday 12/2/12] Scout Report: Revelation warped in, capital escalation two, sieged.
[00:25 Sunday 12/2/12] Scout Report: Thanatos warped in, capital escalation three, aligning out.
[00:26 Sunday 12/2/12] Scout Report: Thanatos warped out towards known hostile POS, 25 AU away.
[00:30 Sunday 12/2/12] Scout Report: Sleepers destroyed, Rorqual has warped off, Moros is aligning.
[00:30 Sunday 12/2/12] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, FLEET JUMP! Headcount: 18. Missing: Basilisk, Boosty Tengu. Align planet 11! Fleet Warp, landing at 10 from hostiles. ECM drones spread across the Huginns, primary target is  T******, open fire. Hostile Chimera has velocity, neuts on T******. He's breaking. 1/4th shields, Armor. Chimera triaged, neuts on the Chimera, keep those drones spread, open fire on the Chimera.
[00:35 Sunday 12/2/12] Chimera is tanking too well, local effects must be countering our neuting. Hostile Falcon landing, point called, burn to the Falcon, swap damage to the Falcon when in range. Falcon down, burn back to hostile fleet, primary Moros, all neuts on the Moros, keep drones spread to the Huginns, we don't want to get webbed down and blapped.
[00:36 Sunday 12/2/12] Scorpion landed at zero, smartbombs, suck drones. 75% of fleet drones destroyed, Huginns now web effective. Fleet pull range and scatter. 20% report heavy webs, Basilisk down, Second Basilisk down. Fleet warp off.
[00:50 Sunday 12/2/12] Fleet has been bouncing safes for 14 minutes now, Scout reports two wormholes, both camped, one leads to nullsec, the other into a C6
[01:40 Sunday 12/2/12] Hostile probes are getting better, they're applying pressure with hictors and fast lockers to try and lock us down. Friendly pilots that need to leave have transferred ships to capsule pilots and logged off. Wormholes still camped heavily.
[01:41 Sunday 12/2/12] Scout Report: "C6 has been scouted, no way out, only deeper down the rabbit hole."
[01:53 Sunday 12/2/12] Hostiles have followed us as anticipated to a safe spot 30 AU from the nullsec hole. Lone Onyx on the hole now, fleet warping to nullsec hole, neut and apply damage to the Onyx. Onyx successfully neuted down, bubble is off. Fleet jump as you're able. Hole collapsed, two made it out. Hostile fast tackle is landing, triage chimera. Fleet transferred to secondary FC.
[01:54 Sunday 12/2/12] Fleet has been destroyed or run off. Some have scattered to the C6 where they're now killing themselves in the hopes of waking up back in K-Space. Total Losses: 2.7 Billion. Total Kills: 650 Million
[01:55 Sunday 12/2/12] Primary FC ritually murdered by his fleet as punishment.
[01:56 Sunday 12/2/12] Log End

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